(Please read below prior to filling out credit app)

I can help you with Credit Union financing, as well as alternative financing, if you have credit challenges.  

Honestly, in the 29 years I have been in this business, I have found that most people know what kind of financing they will get approved for.

The credit unions are pretty much the same, and they want good credit to get approved.  (If you have a good credit score, please call me and I will assist you with credit union NOT use the link above, that link is for credit challenged customers).  If your credit score is around a 620-650 or higher I can get you approved with a local credit union with little to no money down. (please see "Down Payment" below to get an idea of what you will need as a down payment).


I have a handful of credit unions that will finance "first time buyers".  They require you to be on your job for at least 12 months and they generally want 10%-20% down of the out the door price.  If you are a first time buyer and do not have the 12 month job history, I can still get you approved with "alternative" financing, please click on the link above to start the buying process.

DOWN PAYMENT (What to Expect)

Keep in mind, the lower your score, the more likely that the finance companies, both credit unions and alternative lenders, will want some "skin in the game/money down".  Example: if you have a 620 or lower score, the finance companies will probably want $1,500-$2,000 down (sometimes more).  If your score is over 700, most likely the credit union will require little to no money down.  

I find that there are a lot of dealerships that advertise $500 down and will offer that to credit challenged customers...this is not 100% accurate!  When you go to that dealership, they will have 1-3 vehicles to choose from that qualify for that program (none that you and I would ever purchase).  The reality is, if you are credit challenged, you will most likely need $1,500+ as a down payment (sometimes much more... once again, it's based on each persons individual situation) to get in the vehicle that "you" really want.  Either way, by using my finance companies, you will get APPROVED!!


- In 29+ years in this business most of my customer's have paid cash or already have a pre-approved credit union loan, a USAA electronic check, etc.  I think because of the types of vehicles I sell and the price range of these vehicles, I have attracted mostly cash buyer's over the years.

However, if you need vehicle financing... I can help you with credit union financing or GUARANTEED CREDIT APPROVAL for credit challenged individuals!  

Why I offer "alternative" financing to "credit challenged" customers...

Bad or "challenged" credit customer's really take a beating when it comes to being able to purchase the vehicle that "they" really want.

- Almost all finance companies that will finance bad or challenged credit customers charge higher interest rates... that is pretty much common sense.  The higher the potential risk, the higher the interest rates. Just like a mortgage on a house, the lower the credit score, the lower the down payment... the higher your interest rate.

- I have come to believe in the "alternative" financing because there are a ton of people that need a "second chance".  During COVID there have been people, very good people, displaced from their jobs, homes, etc.  A lot of these people are very hard working, kind, generous and caring... they just need someone to give them a shot at getting back on their feet.

- I believe that someone with credit challenges needs a safe and dependable car.  They need to get to work, pick up their kids, visit their family... just be normal again.  

- The "alternative" finance company that I use does report to the credit reporting agencies!  This is one of the reasons that I choose to work with them... they will work with you to get your credit back up to that 700+ score that we all strive for. How about some day being able to buy the home you always wanted, or take that awesome vacation with your family... we need a dependable vehicle to help us get back and forth to work... to earn the money to pay for those things.  We need someone to help improve our credit score so we can buy that house.

In closing... No matter what your credit situation is, I can try my best to get you into the vehicle that "you" really want.  If you have good credit, so so credit, bad credit, no credit, first time buyer, etc.