I can help you with Credit Union financing 

I do NOT have any referrals for "Sub-Prime" or "Credit Challenged" credit situations

Even though I am now semi retired and I no longer do "In House Financing". I have nearly 30 years of experience with financing and I can absolutely refer you to the right credit union that will work for the vehicle you are interested in.

The credit unions are pretty much the same, and they want good credit to get approved.  If your credit score is around a 650 or higher, I can help you get approved with a local credit union with little to no money down. (please see "Down Payment" below to get an idea of what you will need as a down payment).


I have a handful of credit unions that will finance "first time buyers".  They require you to be on your job for at least 12 months and they generally want 10%-20% down of the out the door price. 

DOWN PAYMENT (What to Expect)

Keep in mind, the lower your score, the more likely that the credit unions will want some "skin in the game/money down".  Example: if you have a 650 or lower score, the finance companies will probably want $1,500-$2,000 down (sometimes more).  If your score is over 700, most likely the credit union will require little to no money down.  

- In 29+ years in this business most of my customer's have paid cash or already have a pre-approved credit union loan, a USAA electronic check, etc.  I think because of the types of vehicles I sell and the price range of these vehicles, I have attracted mostly cash buyer's over the years.


Just because you have great credit, doesn't mean you can just finance anything...well, there are ways, but not through "traditional" auto financing. Example: Jeep Wranglers and Toyota Tacoma's (or most trucks these days), they are priced over "Lending Value", but not necessarily priced over market value... market value just happens to be higher than the Lending Value. If you want to do "traditional" auto financing...you will have to put the difference down (the difference between the out the door price and the "Lending Value"). Same goes for older cars...most "BIG BANKS" won't even loan on a vehicle that is more than 10 years old, or with over 100k miles...Most credit unions do, however they may only loan 100% of Lending Value/Book Vlue, or 90% or 80%...depending on the age, your credit history, mileage, etc. In these cases you will NOT be able to finance 100% of the out the door price...you will have a higher than normal/traditional down payment.

However, if you need good credit vehicle financing... I can help point you in the right direction!